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Here’s what some of our Buffalo, NY customers are saying about us:

Great reliable place to take your car! They give you the best service and Joe really goes outta his way to be an honest mechanic. Which is really rare to find now a days! I recommend them to everyone.

Matthew Cioppi Google Review

The mechanic was very nice, super helpful and informative for addressing what was wrong with my car. Since it was nothing but my driving he gave me tips on how to do it better. It was really helpful! I would totally recommend my friends to this shop!

Carly Collier Google Review

Very nice and professional. I like that dog.

shuang gao Google Review

Folks, if you're looking for an honest, capable garage then hands down Ultimate Auto Service is it. I've tried a number of places around WNY and always felt a bit bamboozled. But the guys at Ultimate are straight-shooters who are only going to fix what needs to be fixed, it'll be fixed right and, if my invoice is any indication, they're going to nearly %50 cheaper than the competition.

I needed all new brake pads and rotors and went to Ultimate based on the reviews I read here and I'm happy I did! The total time from drop-off to pick-up was only 3 hours; no milking the labor rate here. Heck, they even threw in my NYS Inspection for free! I mean, how cool is that? They'll definitely be my go-to place for any car repairs in the future. Thanks again Ultimate Auto Service!

Justin C Google Review

I'm so glad I was referred to this place. I finally found an honest mechanic that does excellent work. Great atmosphere and great people. This will be my new mechanic from now on.

Mzungu Sarge Google Review

Looking for a fair, honest mechanic you found them, HERE. Joe will explain it and let you know if it needs to be done now or if can wait a couple. Check out reviews on YELP.

Donald Schnick Google Review

5 Stars!

susan dano Kociszewski cordova Google Review

Awesome service! With amazing buffalo hospitality.

Kendell McNichols Google Review

These guys are the absolute best. Incredibly honest, amazing prices, and very efficient. Searched the city for a reasonable deal to get my extremely used car to pass inspection and these gentlemen literally saved me HUNDREDS of dollars. I was told I needed several other repairs to pass (ball joint, smoke test, tires, etc) and here I was in and out in an HOUR- I am an easy target for being WAY overcharged for auto repair, but luckily I was patient and found my new mechanic FOR LIFE. Thank you Joe and Larry, I owe you like WHOA.

Emily Dyett Google Review

They are truly the best mechanics in Buffalo. I have honestly been ripped off so many times by mechanics. Finally being blessed to have great mechanics!!Only reason I went to them is because they had 4. 7 stars on Google and I'm so glad that I did !!Thank you Google and the Awesome Boys at Ultimate auto they seem like they've been around for years!!! longer then I've been alive and I'm 22 lol..great experienced mechanics who was more worried about the Safety of myself in the car..than trying to bankrupt me..They are very Respectable!they are my mechanics now!!!

Anthony Hairston Google Review

They don't try and gouge you for what you don't need, but they will let you know issues as they see them. I went in for my water pump, and they noted the lower radiator line was going to go in a couple months. They didn't try to scare me into it, they just let me know, and asked if they should knock that out too. Another time, had my 'Check Engine' light come on. They made sure everything was right, and I passed my inspection while I was in there. If you've ever seen the episode of Seinfeld, where Jerry is lamenting about finding a mechanic you can trust? Well, these would be the guys :)

Corey Reichle Google Review

I had a problem with my window....it was stuck half way down and being winter, I couldn't just let it go. I wanted to go to a neighborhood shop as I believe in keeping the business in the neighborhood. Joe agreed to check out the problem and gave me a ride home. On the way to my house my vehicle was making this awful noise, something I knew would have to be checked out but not right now due to financial reasons. Well Joe said that the matter regarding the noise was a much more serious matter and he said to save the money that I would spend on the window and apply it to the other issue. Joe was able to close the window and secure it and fix the mechanical problem for a reasonable amount. As a female, I feel that I get taken advantage of because of my lack of knowledge regarding cars. I have finally found someone that I can trust and am grateful for reading the other reviews in making my decision to go see Joe. Good man, Joe :)

A Google User Google Review

I actually decided to use this shop on a skim of the Google reviews, so really, I'm just adding to the positive comments and stars already in play here. I needed my first NY state inspection completed but at the same time had a nasty 'check engine' light which up until the visit I thought was truly emissions-related (I quarterback interpreted an engine code given to me once by another party) and would maybe cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars to fix if not a thousand. Nope, it turned out to be a relatively inexpensive sensor on my transmission, something that I now understand was impacting the car in a number of other ways, need for inspection notwithstanding. I feel like I'm driving a new car now. The shop aura was friendly and extremely warm, my particular issue had me sitting around a bit and everyone (vendors and other customers) who came in was happy and cheerful with the staff. Nobody hurried the diagnoses - I didn't feel like I was being bum-rushed - once the problem was understood the mechanic was very straightforward and clear. I nodded on the work to be done and he went at it straight away. As is typical of me, I simultaneously Googled the issue to 'follow along' in You Tube videos, and am pleased to say the work appears to have been completely congruent to the issue. The shop itself is impeccable and unusually cozy, I took my fair share from the coffee bar which they were very accommodating about. Their shop dog moseys about and is quite friendly with the people waiting such as myself. She took up station in her own apparent seat at the shop's front window just watching the day go by. Even she was a delight. I think you can always tell good people by the demeanor of their pets so positive rating aside, I knew I was working with people I could trust. It seems to have paid off, I have a problem-free car that is now road legal via the least anxious route possible. Would highly recommend, I am a permanent customer now.

David Pinero Google Review

They are friendly and go above and beyond to meet your needs in car repair. They are very straight forward; I have never been more confident in getting my car repaired and not being taken advantage of than by the good people at this shop. The prices are the best I've seen from any mechanic and they work with you every step of the way. Great shop, great people, I will always recommend them to anyone and everyone. If you need work done go to this shop, you will be more than satisfied.

Kierman Zogrephos Google Review

Great experience! After being recommended here by two different co-workers, I opted to try it out and am very pleased to have done so! Great work, friendly, fast, and most importantly reliable. Highly recommend their services. They'll definitely see my future business.

Holly Smith Google Review

Seems like an honest mechanic! Dropped my car off Wed mid-day & it was ready about 3 hours later despite them telling me they were behind. The owner even picked me up from the house so I could get my car back! And get this; they said they found nothing really wrong, suggested I change my tires soon & DIDN'T CHARGE ME A DIME! I've found my new mechanic.

Mariko Dow Google Review

I moved to Riverside area a couple of months ago and needed a car repair shop. Ultimate is it. My Breeze had an electrical problem and Ultimate was the third garage I tried. THEY fixed it the same day. Fast and friendly service. I'll be back

A Google User Google Review

While driving earlier this week my blinker started going crazy, oh oh bulb must be out. Called Joe and he said bring it in tomorrow. I did and he took care of my blown out bulb and check all my tires for me. Thank you to all the staff for the quick friendly service

Donald S. Yelp Review

Seems like an honest mechanic! Dropped my car off Wed mid-day & it was ready about 3 hours later despite them telling me they were behind. The owner even picked me up from the house so I could get my car back! And get this; they said they found nothing really wrong, suggested I change my tires soon & DIDN'T CHARGE ME A DIME! I've found my new mechanic.

Mari D. Yelp Review

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